AIA Presentation Schedule

Indow manufactures a line of press into place interior window inserts for homes and commercial spaces. Restoring windows and applying an insert not only allows for the integrity of the home or building to stay intact, but is often less expensive than tearing out windows for a far less comparable replacement.

We have a wide range of clients in our portfolio, including:
Adaptive reuse
Commercial office spaces
Historic buildings on the National Register
And much more!

Indow has been approved to conduct AIA presentations providing attendees with 1 LU/HSW credit, while learning about valuable solutions to window concerns.
Please select the type of appointment.

Course: Window Retrofits for Occupant Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Provides a one hour overview of window insert systems and includes: discussions on the history of storm windows and storm window classifications, functional benefits and applications of window insert systems, and relevant performance metrics and specifications for the purpose of energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

(1 hour)

Course: The Impact of Noise in Buildings

Provides a one hour overview of sound as it relates to the built environment: discussions on the movement & measurement of sound, how it enters a building, and the health and productivity of occupants affected by noise. Solutions for mitigating sound in retrofit situations as it pertains to windows will be discussed.

(1 hour)

Indow Product Demonstration (This is a Non AIA Course)

During this virtual presentation, you will see how we measure, how inserts are easily installed and removed and review the details of how inserts perform.
This is a 30 minute product demonstration, but one hour is allotted to allow for plenty of time for Q&A.

(1 hour)